Gum Grafting

One of the most notorious signs of gum disease is gum recession. As your gums pull back from your teeth, more of your root surface is exposed. Not only does this not look good, the exposed roots are more sensitive than your regular tooth surface, which can lead to pain. Additionally, the exposed roots create more opportunities for decay.

Your Hollywood, FL and Miami Dade periodontists can use a technique called gum grafting to repair the damage caused by recession and restore your gum tissue. You might be familiar with the concept of skin grafting, which is used to treat severe burn injuries. Gum grafting is quite similar. We take donor gum tissue (which could be harvested from you, a tissue donor, or a synthetic source) and attach it in the area where we need to restore the gum.

Your body will incorporate the new tissue and be stimulated to produce replacement tissue to fully repair the damaged area. Once the area has healed, your smile will look better and your sensitivity and risk of decay will be reduced.

We are excited to offer this advanced periodontal technique to our patients. To find out more about gum grafting and see if it’s the right choice for treating your gum recession, call our Hollywood periodontal office today.


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