Implant Bridge

Sometimes two or more teeth are lost right next to each other. This can be the result of trauma, dental disease, or bone loss. Traditionally, bridges are used to fill in the gaps between your remaining teeth; however, this option typically requires us to alter existing healthy teeth so they can act as anchors for the bridge.

Dental implants are an option, but if you are missing multiple teeth, you may balk at the expense of placing several implants.

Implant bridges can be the “best of both worlds” in this case. We can replace multiple teeth with only two implants, reducing the cost of treatment, and the implants help us avoid having to alter healthy teeth. Additionally, unlike traditional bridges, the implants help to avoid bone loss in the area.

We design bridges to complement your smile, not detract from it. The size, shape, and color of the teeth in your bridge will blend in beautifully with your own natural teeth. The goal is to have your bridge blend in so well that nobody will ever be able to tell that the teeth of your restoration are not your own natural teeth!


Pin Hole

We are proud to offer gum recession therapy at our Hollywood, FL periodontal office using the innovative new Pin Hole technique. This technique allows us to correct recession....... Learn More »

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