As periodontal disease progresses, it can do a lot of damage to your gum tissue, including the bones underneath and the connective tissue that holds it all together. This creates a vicious cycle where the damaged tissue allows the bacteria to spread. If left untreated, it’s likely that you’ll lose teeth. In fact, according to the CDC, periodontal disease is the number one cause of lost teeth in U.S. adults.

If your tissue has been seriously damaged or destroyed because of periodontal disease, we can discuss options to regenerate and restore the tissue. This will help stop the progression of the disease and protect your teeth.

The first step is for your Hollywood, FL and Broward County periodontist to perform a deep cleaning to remove the bacteria from beneath the gum line. Once the bacteria are gone, we can use one of a number of techniques to regenerate the damaged tissue. This might include membranes, bone grafting, or tissue stimulating protein. Each of these techniques works by stimulating your body’s own ability to regenerate this tissue.

Following your procedure, we’ll create a schedule of routine care to maintain your improved health.

To learn more about the advanced techniques we offer, please call our office.

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