Sedation Dentistry

For some people, a visit to the dentist is a source of intense fear and anxiety. As many as 20% of adults in the U.S. are believed to have so much anxiety that they avoid visiting the dentist for routine preventive care. Unfortunately, this means that they only go to the dentist when a painful condition drives them there. Since by this point the problem requires more complex treatment than it would if they had caught the issue earlier, their fear of the dentist is validated and the vicious cycle continues.

We want to break this cycle.

Drs. Mazor and Arceo take your comfort seriously. In addition to offering a relaxing environment and a friendly, caring team, we also offer sedation dentistry to our Hollywood, Aventura, Broward County, Miami Dade, and South Florida patients.

Different level of sedation are available and can be adjusted based on your specific needs. If you are feeling anxious about your appointment or your planned procedure, please let us know. We can discuss your concerns and help you decide whether sedation dentistry can help you have a more comfortable, relaxed appointment.

To schedule your sedation dentistry consultation with Dr. Mazor or Dr. Arceo, please call our office today.

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